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A Journey With Christ

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Today this ministry takes it's first steps. God has called me to ministry, to be honest many have told me that I was meant to be a minister since I was a young boy. I fought and rebelled against this calling my whole life, until God himself called me. I am now 40 years old ready for the next chapter of my life, as the Lord leads. In my journey to follow Christ I have fully submitted to His will, even when by doing so meant hardships and pain. To be honest, those hardships have been followed by God's amazing blessings. More on that a little later.

I chose 9 Line Ministries for the name of this ministry because of both it's significance and parallels to prayer. A 9 Line MEDEVAC is a call given over a radio to call for a medical evacuation from the battlefield when a soldier is wounded. There are 9 lines of information that must be given in a specific order for a MEDEVAC to be sent. A copy of a 9 Line MEDEVAC card can be found below.

Just as when a call is given over a radio for a MEDEVAC team to come and save soldiers on a battlefield, we send our spiritual 9 Line MEDEVAC to GOD when we call out the name of Jesus to save us from our sin and our brokenness. We call out to Him to deliver us from the bondage of sin, pain, and torment. Faithfully He answers the call when we speak the beautiful and awesome name of Jesus. God Is Good! His mercy endures forever!

On September 8th 2018 I was suddenly awoken from a deep sleep at 6:30 am. I was in the process of moving, most of my things including my bed where packed up, so I was sleeping on the couch. As I suddenly awoke I heard the awesome voice of God resonating, not just in the room around me, but in me and through me. He called me to minister to his sheep. He laid out to me His plan and in what order it should unfold. A sudden and dramatic change was to take place in my life, and I have now faithfully taken up my cross to follow Him.

An amazingly unexpected thing happened that Saturday morning, God healed my brokenness. Having served in the US Military for 8 years with two deployments following 9/11, I had been struggling with PTSD for over 10 years. On that wonderful morning God delivered me from the bondage I was in. There are no more nightmares, no more flashbacks, no more emotional numbness, no more anger, no more anxiety, no more depression. I have been healed and set free!! I had called out to God countless times to heal me, to take away the pain. On that blessed morning He answered my prayers! Praise God!

God once again revealed to me when my ministry would begin. Though I had a YouTube channel already, I did not expect to ever really come back to it. Maybe someday I would as I preached from the pulpit. This I did not expect. Starting in January 2019 I will begin a daily blog here on this site as well as releasing sermons and a bible study weekly on my YouTube channel, Feel free to subscribe to both this blog and the YouTube channel. God is calling you to Him, He is calling you to His righteousness, He is calling you to salvation. In the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are saved and we are healed. Come with me on this journey, He is with us always!

Take this journey with me.

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